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Dear Emma, I have been ordering from your restaurant for many years, since before your fire in the shopping center across from your current restaurant. I have been satisfied with the food and service until my two past purchases. On June 27 we ordered "to go" the sesame chicken and your General Tso's chicken dinner. The General Tso's chicken could not be eaten as it was too hard, as if it was either dried out or overcooked. We discarded the chicken and I overlooked the incident. Today, Sunday 7/11/21 we placed another carry out order of Egg Foo Young, and sesame chicken. When we arrived home I found the Egg Foo Young had been burned , or scorched on one side, (with the burned side toward the bottom of the container). This scorching, affected the taste and all three patties had to be discarded. These mistakes require some corrective measures on your part.
Sarah McGlothlin
Hello, My name is Sarah and I'm part of a special team at DoorDash assigned to reach out to specific businesses that are highly desired. I understand you've probably spoken to us in the past but I am confident this will be worth your time. It should come as no surprise that our customers are continuing to request your menu on DoorDash for delivery. My question is this, what would it take for you to give DoorDash a try? For example, right now my team is offering the following: - 90 days free (0% commission) - 10% commission after the trial ends (rate would never go up) We're open to any and all possibilities!
I was not impressed with the restaurant when I went for pickup. The Chicken with cashews hardly had any taste until I dumped duck sauce on it. The rating list does not show any numbers so am guessing I chose a 3?