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W Hayes
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I placed an order today to be picked up and order extra noodles for my soup. I was charged for them, but did not get them. We order often from your restaurant and usually everything is great!
Jerome Tripp
I am the Operations Manager here at TVA John Sevier Gas Plant in Rogersville, TN and we are starting a major outage at the site. We were trying to reach out to food trucks that may be interested in setting up on our site over the next few months. We will have around 100-200 people here through December 4th and would like to give you the opportunity to setup. We will have people working 7 days a week on day and evening shifts so there are multiple opportunities. Ideally we would like to have some type of regular schedule so we don’t have too many food trucks at one time. I would like to space out competing trucks (I wouldn’t have 2 pizza trucks on the same day). The address is 299 TVA Pond Road, Rogersville, TN 37857. If this seems like something you are interested in please reach out.