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I absolutely love their food. The sushi, green curry chicken, coconut chicken, and pad Thai are excellent. Everyone is so friendly. The first time I went here, I came back two more times that week because it was just that good!
Ryan Barnard
Absolutely terrible..... service was mediocre, but the pineapple chicken came out extremely undercooked and when we asked to change the food order the server acted like it was a problem to... ended up getting hibachi steak and eating a bit of it as it tasted just as bad.. got a to go box and when I went to put the food in the box I found a huge hair on the top of the to go box from the bottom of the plate... the servers thought it was funny although we got a refund for that food I feel like the whole experience should have been free
haven't tried anything, but the fact that you have pad thai, is AMAZING!!! hope you add honey walnut shrimp to your menu in the future!